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My Fantasy NY Metro Transit Map


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I not very good with blank map, so I pasted this big Subway Map from this site. Even I not very good at planning.


Here is fantasy. Only fantasy.





(1) extend to Yonkers Station

New Stops: 262nd St, Yonkers-Getty Sq, Yonkers Station


(2)<5> extend to Flloyd Bennet Field

New Stops: Kings Highway, Kings Plaza, Toys R Us, Floyd Bennet Field


(4): Extend to Cross County Shopping Center

New Stops: Yonkers Raceway, Cross County Shopping Center


(6)<6>: Extended to City Island

New Stops: Erskine Place, Bay Plaza-Bartow Av Mall, Orchard Beach, City Island


(7)<7> extended to Chelsea Pier

New Stops; 10th Av, 42nd-38th St Pier, 33rd St, 23rd St


(A)(S): Extended to Breezy Point

New Stops: B. 147th St/B. 169th St-Jacob Riis Park, Breezy Point


Port Authority NY & NJ Creates New Airtrain

Airtrain LGA fee $5.00

New Stations:

Jackson Heights-74th St/Roosevelt Av

Astoria Blvd

LGA Marine Air Terminal

LGA Central Terminal

LGA US Airway Complex (US Airway and US Airway Shuttle)

LGA Delta-Northwest

Junction Blvd


(NJT) Hudson-Bergen Lightail. Extended to Eltingville, Staten Island. $1.90 one way.

New HBLR Branch will be called Eltingville Branch. It will be high-speed lightrail between gaps in Staten Island.

Eltingville Branch makes all lightrail stops from Hoboken to 22nd St, then new stops:

CUNY Staten Island Willowbrook Campus

Staten Island Mall

Eltingville Transit Center

Eltingville Station

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Not a bad map for your attempt and keep trying, but:

Agreed with NX - move the stops in the land or draw the land as being larger.

Also I don't see why there's a need for the 6 to go to City Island.


Same goes for the 2/5 to Floyd Bennett and the Toys'r'us and the A/S to Breezy point. The Q35 is enough for all of these. -I've rode the Q35 and I can say there's no demand for subway service past those points. You would be better off just increasing current bus service.

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