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Your Favorite

NX Express

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What is your most favorite G.O. detour out of the ones you've seen? How about the ones you haven't seen?

My favorite out of what I've seen (not much) is the (N) via Brighton to Kings Hwy.


My all-time favorite is the (E) via B'way Local to Whitehall Street.

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You dont need the Service Alert Prefix... Because this isn't a General Order Detour..


Anyways fav.. :


-No (2) from 149th to 96th St, replaced by (S) Bus and (5) trains go to 241st St

-(2)(5) Swape from 149th to Bowling Green/Chambers St

-(2)(5) being detoured to another Line rather then the WPR or even ended at 149th Mott Ave (4) Platform


-(D) reroute from 59th to W4th on (A) then to 2nd ave split.


-Any lines arfound the system where a route that doesn't belong to a route/line but has to run in it. Like (N) rerouted via Queens Blvd or (5) Being rerouted via Jerome Lin to Burnside.

-Most (S)huttle Bus Replacements such as (1)(2)(5) shuttle buses..


That will do.. Sometimes I just hate G/Os as it ruins your commute and makes it a LONG commute..

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My favorite also is the (E) via Broadway to Whitehall.

Because that's the old 70(EE), isn't it?

my favorite go was in 2001 when the (R) ran from jamaica center to 95st brooklyn and they ran all 46s with southboud trains having the (R) in front and the northbound trains having the (E) in front

You mean the (J).

how about when the (F) ran via 63rd st to 57st and 7ave as a terminal and the coney island bound (F) trains originated at 42st and 6av


When was that? And why didn't they just send the (F) via 53rd?

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