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My Staten Island (Mis)adventure

Forest Glen

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Compared to yesterday today was mild. I decided to head to the forgotten borough to do some busfanning. Since I'm Forest Glen I decided to take the express bus. My gut said take the X17C but I already tried that route half a dozen times. I wanted to try something different. I took the X10. Big mistake. I got on at 5th Avenue and 40th street. After making 8,000 stops in Manhattan we got to the Battery tunnel. The Gowanus/BQE was relatively light (probably due to the holiday). Much to my chagrin we used the lower level of the Verrazano (ie no scenic view). I was half asleep so it was a moot point. The X10 made quite a few stops along the Staten Island Expressway service Road. It terminated at Port Richmond and Castelton Avenues. The ride was over but the fun was only beginning.


I tried to take a pic but the sun glare messed up my shot. I had to wait 20 minutes for my next opportunity. In the interim I heard this guy cursing out his baby momma. It was like Maury or Springer. As bad as that was things got even worse. I was near this generic Chinese food restaurant when this guy got into an argument with some guy on the street. It was the usual "What the <expletive> are you looking at?". Since I didn't want to be on the 10PM news I got the heck out of there. My life is worth more than an X10 pic. I headed south to Willowbrook Road. As I headed south the area got dramatically better. Nevertheless, this was a rare bad experience on the express bus. Port Richmond is definitely the most trashy part of Staten Island (sorry Stapleton). Next time I'll stick to the X17 and X12/42








Queens pics















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wonder why the bus stopped dead @ castleton/pt richmond (that's not it's terminal)... I would have been mad if a b/o dropped me off right there...


More of Stapleton is "trashy", moreso than the area of Pt Richmond.... Illegals (now I sound like pinepowerli, but it's true) riddle certain parts of Pt. Richmond (especially Pt. Richmond av).... but, that area was a dump long before they made their presence there...

anyway, I could have warned you about the x10 - I only take that route if I have some time to kill, of if I'm fanning on a saturday & don't feel like putting up w/ the x1.... the x14 is much quieter (and quicker) than the 10x....


- w/ the 17a/c, if you've been on it enough, it's concentrated where riders disembark along the route (usually the 1st stop after coming off the highway, victory blvd, along richmond hill rd, and the transit ctr)

- w/ the x10, it's sporadic... I don't know of any major dropoff point along that route... due to people getting off at, the many stops it has, this route is slow in SI & in Manhattan....


eh, enough chatter for a pic thread....


anyway, cool pics Lex....

btw, was that QM4 driver waving @ you........

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