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Where do you store your transit photos?


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I've used tons of places:


-Mainy Photobucket




I'm in the process of making a personal gallery for my transit photos on one of the sites that I manage. I'm also getting an old desktop in which I will use as a server (for backup) if I ever need it to store/share my pics.

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In my personal gallery I can upload TONS of photos and keep a nice collection of tens of thousands of pics without running out of space! And other people can register and log in and upload their stuff too! As a matter of fact, you can feel free to register in my photo gallery if you want! Click here to see the homepage. ;)


Screw photo sites that have limited space...............you didn't hear that...

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I put most on an external hard drive. The only time I upload stuff is when I want to post it.


Yup, sounds about right.


Although I used to store them on an INternal hard drive before 07 or so, whoops, learned my lesson when my HD crashed...

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