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Kicking Off 2010 in Astoria and the Queens at the Plaza :D (1/2/2010)

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Excellent pics!


Very nice!




those NG's look really hott!!!


nice pics.


Nice shots. Well, you won't be seeing RTS's on the Q38 anymore as it has been transferred to CP.


Very nice! I like the Q69 shot with the narrow, bold seven-pixel type on top.


nice shots . love the 9300s the 9307 and 9302 i miss them they need to come back home to ulmer park lol . . . .


(N)ice Pablo ,You fooled me ...I thought we still had the (1)0(1) :tup::)

19 don't look like that no mo' ,The line has been invaded by vermin:p but it least you came threw my good man with A 67RTS:tup:


Thanks guys!



KR, I did indicate yesterday's date.... ;)

But yeah, I wish you guys did keep that 101 and 67

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9951 is by far the best shot!!!! B) :tup:
HAHAHA! Yes, I must say that ride on 9951 made my day.


Great shots Pablo! Those Orions are taking over in Queens aren't they? I never get tired of seeing an RTS. NEVER!


Thanks! Yeah, they are, but I don't blame you on your last point there, it will be a sad day when the last RTS retires.

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