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Custom Paper Buses

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Could i please get


8 Bee Line Artic's saying:


60 White Plains

60 Fordham


20 White Plains

20 Woodlawn


21 White Plains

21 Cross County


55 Cross County

55 Eastchester


3 Orion V's Saying:


Next Bus Please

Not In Service

4 Woodlawn


Thank You B):)B)



up in a bit

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I dont remember who asked for this but its been done-




Hi everyone. I would like if someone would be able to post a Orion VII CNG paper bus model, with a white-back.




@ mta B43


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Hey Man If Its Not To Much Trouble Can You Make Me An MTA Bus NovaBus RTS-06 #8798 as the F Shuttle Express to 18 Avenue. Thank You.



Model: NovaBus RTS-06

Number #: 9377

Scheme: New York City Bus




I need to know if you want it whitebacked or blackbacked.

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Here are the finished AlexLy paper model buses based off of our 1200 & 5770 series LFSAs. These are not being made to order & to all who handle requests here, do not use this version of the LFSA, use the other version that is normally used. These will also NOT be done in +SBS+ form so do not ask. Both models were completed with permission from Alexly! Enjoy!


1200 Series:








5770 Series:









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Hey guys, so I have a problem with my right hand so after 1PM today, I will not be dealing with any requests till this coming friday, possibly longer depending on what my doctor says. Here is some recent requests made:


Here is the XD40 for the BX10:





Here are the 2 RTSs requested:





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