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Fan trip Question


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how come the MTA only has fan trips with the R1/9 train? I mean they have a fan trip with the train every year what about the Low V or the SMEE train or them brown BMT trains forgot the model name or the R30s they havent had a Fan trip with Low V/SMEE train since 2004.

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The R1/R9s are the strongest out of all the historic fleet; that's why they use them the most. However, this past summer they did use the LO-Vs on the IND and IRT (that's why 4902 is in front of the R17 @ Court Street). Once in a while they use the old trains for Special Events. For example: Yankees Playoff Games they had the LO-Vs on the (4) line; the past couple of years they ran the Arnines (R1/R9s) on the (V) line (don't know about this year b/c of $$/budget problems) and I think they ran the TOMC on the (7) for (I think) the last Mets game at Shea Stadium. I've also seen a few photos of the LO-Vs inside the new Corona Shop; don't know what the occassion was.

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