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Morning Rush


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These buses came in rapid succession within a period of about 7 minutes lol so Enjoy!




Something I wanted to try out:




Another smart idea:



And something from the other day:


Thanks for lookin guys. Comments are welcome, criticisms(at least ones by people who aren't trying to help me better my photography) aren't cared about :)

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Very nice photos of the Bronx Morning Rush, and Mr. G is not helping, :P...


Nice pics! Good to see RTSs back in the Bronx.


Theyve been in the Bronx since Dec :P


Nice pixs, the first one I love the most!


Nice shots. Try not to get the cars in your way.

(4th & 5th pics) In Addition to the 4th pic, its a bit too dark.

Thanks guys! @ SevenEleven I was kind of going for that effect but it didn't come out how I intended it to..but thanks will do.

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Nice pics! I've been noticing that some of your pics have a really green tint to them, is that because of editing or just the way you took your pic? Or is it an effect you're trying to get?


Thanks! I guess it's the harshness of the sun and the way I'm pointing it. Could be editing too...I gotta learn to take it easy on some of the pics lol.

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