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Railfan Trip (Part 1) 2/13/2010

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I'm doing a part 1 of this trip out of 2. For part 2 of my trip go to the Railfan Trip 2/14/2010 Thread. Anyways here's part 1 of the trip

Meet up at 71st Street (D) First car downtown platform at 12:00 PM.

Ride the (D) To 36th Street

(R) to Pacific Street-Atlantic Avenue

(4) to 167th Street

(4) to Lexington Avenue 59th Street

(Q) to Queensboro Plaza

(7) to Mets Stadium


End there.

There were be photos op during the trip.

There will be drop offs at the end of the trip.


Whoever wants to attend this trip reply in this thread.

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Heres a Crack down...


-Same routes, which is fine, but won't attract a lot of people

-Expand rbo By expanding, you opening the doors for more people to come, look at Vinsters Bronx trip, lots of people don't fan up here, and he makes a great trip for those who want to do something else then just IND/BMTs besides doing the same thing, hes attracting people!http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16940

- Instead of dividing, just do one, otherwise, your chances are low to get the same people or others to come to the second or more days

-Make sure your NOT booked. Otherwise people will get angry, just like a few times i heard u dropped it.


Im not here to poke you in any form, just giving you some small tips on getting people to come.

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