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Worst Local Runs


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My top 5 are:

1.(R)(V) between Roosevelt and Queens Plaza

2.(1) between 14th and Chambers

3.(R)(V) between 71st and Roosevelt

4.(M)(R) between Pacific and 36th

5.(:P© between 59th and 125th

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Lets see:


1 (R), yes pretty slow, especially on Queens Blvd, aye :(

2. (2) on the WPR During the AM rush, I hate it when the (2) has to get stalled at Jackson Ave to let like 2-3 (5) pass on the WPR. Plus there are lots of delays sometimes due to a passanger issue.

3. The SIR(Tho not a Subway), but takes so long for it show up like 15-20min wait during the Midday

4. (1) Train from 116th St to 103rd St, so may passanger packing during the AM

5. The (M). Even when a (JJ or (Z) leaves Myrtle ave, it has to wait for another (J) or (Z) to come in..

6. The (D) on the Concourse line. Bedford Park Blvd, since there is no Crew change at 205th Street, everything is dont at Bedford for Manhattan bound (D)s, I wish there was a crew room at Bedford, so the (D) wouldn't be stalled for 5in for a crew change..

7. The (A) as longest route during the Late Night Hours from 207th St to Mott Avenue, I wish the (C) were running 24/7 so the (A) wouldnt be as long making so Many stops..

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The (2) in the Bronx is definitely one of the worst. Twenty closely-spaced stops from East 241st to 149th Street - Grand Concourse and lots of curves along the way. Not to mention getting held for the (5). The (R), (F) and (C) through Brooklyn are also killers.

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(R) Between Canal St and Atlantic


Yes, this is a really rough stretch. So many stops that are just blocks apart. When the M stops running in south Brooklyn, it will be sorely missed. It is less stops than the R, can get you to all the same trains, and uses some interesting stations.

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