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My Great Adventure to DC w/ A Friend


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Friday, February 05th.

When I enter Junction Blvd (7) station about 5:25, I realize I left MegaBus comfination at home, so I call home and told my mom I left it and told agent I need to reentry and got my ticket, and sure my left ticket to agent, then use service gate.

When R62A Bombadier #1820 on Manhattan-bound <7> EXP, I thought flash was off, and I used flash by an accident. I was scolded by T/O, but I was not a flash person. I try to write apology to T/O, but he wouldn't take my letter when it arrive at Times Sq.


Next I got on Kawasaki R62 #1415 on New Lots-boud (3) departed 6:07, arrive 6:09 at 34th St-Pennn Station.

Total time: 2 minutes.

I cut across Penn Station to meeting place with man friend Rin, and he bought me breakfast at Penn Station.

We got on 6:40am M21 Washington, however without announcement until around 7am, when they announcement bus broken down and replacement bus DD#429 will be coming in 20 minutes.

With mix of other times 6:45 bus left very late 7:36, 56 minutes late.

I took lots of pictures and videos around the I-95, I-295, well as buses, bridge and tunnels, tolls.

Arrive 1st stop, White Marsh Mall Park & Ride schedule to arrive 10, arrive 27 minutes late at 10:27, and left 10:33, arriving H-9th Sts NW Lot schedule to arrive 11, but arrived 33 minutes late.

Total time on M21: 3 hours and 57 minutes.


We walk to Metro Headquarter and we entered inside and ID Box Office told us SALES window was outside.

We bought blank SmartTrip Card and we enter Chinatown-Gallery Pl from 7th & H Sts NW, however we cannot find Chinese Fan.

No times on WMATA time.

We first use 1-Day Metro #6096 of Shady Grove-bound Red Line to Woodley Park Zoo-Adams Morgan, and my 1-Day Pass was converted to SmarTrip, but Rin did not, so he put 2.25 in.

We took Flxible 40102-4T on Route L4 #4076 to Zoo Entrance, but it was closed due possible storm.

Next, we got on Orion VI 501 on Route L4 #2076 to Cleveland Park.

I used SmarTrip, my friend used 1-Day MetroRail pass and got on front car, railfan window #4062 and took it to Metro Center.

Next, we got on front car of #3059 on Largo Town Center-bound Blue to L'Enfant Plaza.

Then, we took DC Circulator using SmarTrip to Independence Av SW, and enter Air Space Museum. We had lunch at Food Court, I took many pictures of all the galleries, recharing batteries while using restrooms, because I did not want to miss taking pic.

Next, we got on Vanhool #1128 on DC Circulator, which driver missed our stop, Constitution, so he drop off us at next corner.

Since we did not know what last Mega Bus was, so we used SmarTrip again and got on Orion V 501 on Route #70 departed 9th-Constitutuion, arrive 7th & H Sts.

We rush through icy snow to H St Parking Lot, and ask Mega Bus supervisior and he was very kind and he let us on 17:35 M24 New York DD419 departure, which left 3 minutes late at 17:38

It arrive White Marsh Mall Park & Ride at 1st, then because of snow and icy condition, and B/O switch at gas station after New Brunswick, then it was suppose to arrive 28th St (1) at 23:00, but it arrive 53 minutes late at 23:53.

Total time on M24: 6 hours and 15 minutes.


Next, we had late dinner at nearby pizza on Saturday, Feb 6th, and we got on front car of R160B Kawasaki #9833 on Jamaica-bound (F) departed 34th St-Herald Sq, arrived Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Av.

Rin escorted me to 74th St-Broadway and I got on front car of Bombadier R62A #2092, arriving Junction Blvd about 1:46.


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