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Just an announcement about myself!

Qns Blvd Dom

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Well folks, due to extreme personal matters & things that need to be straighten out, I am going to be taking a break from posting on NYCTF! I will still look on here from time to time as to find out whats going on in the transit world! I seriously need to devote more time to fix myself & straighten things out!

Thank You All For Viewing This! If anybody needs to contact me, E-Mail me @ DBCOOL347@gmx.us if anybody wants to talk to me! Thanks Again! I should be back posting on a regular starting in the Spring the earliest!

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Good luck and hope your break works out for you.

Thanks Z-Man! :cool:


I wonder how many unread posts you will have

LOL Good Question! B) I still be on here from time to time like maybe once or 2 times a week!


Put it this way: I'm here almost every day and I have 6,046 unread posts. Before the little changes that Harry did, the count would reset after 2,000. Heh, not any more.

Thats something!

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Good luck. Take your time. We will still be here.

Thanks! B)


Happy trails to you. See you soon QM4.


Here link for an apporiate song.



Thanks! LOL!! Its cute!


Coincidentally I am going to leave for a time period but it is also indefinite, I hope you take care, and take it easy on your side of the wire Dom, see ya someday too, B)!

Thanks Kevin! Hope to see U soon!

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Well I am back! I know it's not spring however I am going to be posting on a irregular basis til the spring!

I was having trouble on a personal level person wise & that got resolved much quicker then a thought! I don't want to go into details as I want to leave it in the past! What's done is done!

I am still fixing myself on other things however I feel like I can now post here from time to time til the spring time as I might not have time to always post here!

I am planning on putting QM4JewelAve name into the retirement home! It's part of the process for me to get rid of the bad things from the past & I am in the mood to start off fresh again!

I would like to thank everybody for their concerns and I am going to resume posting on a somewhat limited basis til @ least the Spring if not March the earliest!



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