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New Amtrak car designs

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Hi everyone! I have been back on SketchUp and am currently designing a new car class for Amtrak, tentatively titled the Amfleet III. This class is standard railcar size (85'2" length, 85'10" over draw bars/couplers by 10'6" at floor level with an outward bulge much like that on the M7 and with 108" of headroom. Car design is modeled on the M8, in both car body style and catenary/ third rail duality. Cars will have retractable third rail shoes as well as catenary connectons with humps. So far I have finished the coach cars, the dining car, and a combined dining car/kitchen car capable of preparing meals from scratch. All of the cars constructed so far include restrooms with changingtables, with the exception of the kitchen/dining car combo. This exception is because the combo car will connect to a restroom-equipped dining car on the diner end and a baggage car equipped wth a crew restroom on the kitchen end; this way the train crew is not subjected to conditions in the passenger restrooms. Photos to come soon! Also, feel free to comment on the proposed design!

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