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Does this still apply?


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Well since as long as I can remember there has been lots of controversy about photography with police officers. I know that there is a Memo out to MTA Police stating that it is legal to take MNRR/LIRR photos but it's dated for 2006. Does it still apply now?

Here's what it looks like...



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The rules are the same, but very likely if you show this to a cop they will look at you strangely because of the date it shows. I don't think you really need a letter like this unless you're in GC, the folks in LIRR and MNRR have been welcoming about photos on their trains or stations.


Not sure. I know I sent a letter to MTA Corporate a while back regarding this and was told I would get mailed something. I've yet to receive anything.

I sent an email to MTA Corporate offices as well in December. I didn't receive a letter, but was told in that email that rules have not changed regarding photography in Metro North or Long Island.

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