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JetBlue Airways turns 10!

Pablo M 201

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Thats right folks, it is JetBlue Airways' 10th "birthday".


10 years ago on this day JetBlue began it's operations and has since then been a successful airline, with of course a few downs.


With their home base in the capitol of the world, New York City, they served about 60 places, whether across the country in the West, down by Florida, or in the Caribbean.


To commemorate their 10 birthday, they released a new tail design:



Happy Birthday JetBlue!

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Good airline, cheap too!


Agreed. As someone who has flown on this airline alot, i love the fact you have access to several 'basic' digital cable channels and recently Sirrus/XM salelite radio as well.:tup:


Only negative is that Jetblue is no longer that cheap.:P

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