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Subway Car Lengths In 1969

EE Broadway Local

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These were the length of subway trains in 1969, by line and the amount of cars by car type also in 1969:

It's interesting to note that the 70(CC) ran both an 8 car and a 10 car train and the 70(LL) ran a 6 car and a 7 car train then. Also the 70(3) ran a 9 car train. BMT Standards were retired by October 15, 1969.

Length Of Trains 1969:


70(1) 8 cars

70(2) 10 cars

70(3) 9 cars

70(4) 10 cars

70(5) 10 cars

70(6) 10 cars

70(7) 11 cars

70(8) 5 cars

70(SS) 3 cars (2 sets); 4 cars (1 set) Forty-Second Street

70(SS) 2 cars South Ferry



70(A) 10 cars

70(AA) 8 cars

70(B) 8 cars

70(CC) 8 cars (fourteen/fifteen sets) 10 cars (10 sets)

70(D) 10 cars

70(E) 10 cars

70(EE) 8 cars

70(F) 10 cars

70(GG) 8 cars

(KK) 6 cars

70(LL) 7 cars (fifteen sets) 6 cars (five sets)

70(M) 6 cars

70(N) 8 cars

(QJ) 8 cars

70(RR) 8 cars

70(SS) 3 cars Culver Shuttle

70(SS) 3 cars Franklin Shuttle


1969 Car Roster:



R12 93 cars

R14 150 cars

R15 100 cars

R17 394 cars

R21 250 cars

R22 446 cars

R26 110 cars

R28 100 cars

R29 236 cars

R33 540 cars

R36 424 cars

Lo V 80 cars (1939-1940 World's Fair Lo V's 50 cars Lo V Trailer 30 cars)



R9 1,525 cars

R10 399 cars

R11 10 cars

R16 199 cars

R27/R30 550 cars

R32 600 cars

R38 200 cars

R40 400 cars

R42 366 cars


70(EE)'s source: Historic 1969 Car Assignment Sheets at The JoeKorner.

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great post! i saw some photos on the (N) line running 4 car R32s in 1970s. any idea why it was 4 cars?


Nice gathering EE!


4 Car (N) Train? Perhaps it was off peak hours, meaning a weekend? They used to cut down cars on the weekends on some routes, hence; In the late 80s, I used to ride 6-Car R40 Slant (B) Trains from Stillwell to 62 or 36 St.

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BMT Standards were retired by October 15, 1969.


The last sets of the BMT Standards was retired on August 4th, 1969.


It's interesting to note that the 70(CC) ran both an 8 car and a 10 car train.


I never knew the 70(CC) ran 10 cars before.....

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I don't see a 70(QB) on that list.....


BTW, here are the sources for the 1969 Car Assignment Sheets:


BMT/IND Car Assignments:



IRT Car Assignments:



From: http://www.thejoekorner.com/indexfrm.html

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IIRC, when the R12s replaced the 1939-1940 World's Fair Lo V's and Lo V trailers, they were set up as four car trains.


@ bigrene 18: I noticed that also, and I'm wondering if it was because the 70(QB) then ran only around an hour during weekday rush hours as the 70(N) was the main Broadway express.


I'm honestly not sure lines like the 70(EE), (KK), 70(LL), 70(M), 70(N) and 70(RR) ran shorter trains then unless it had something to do with car types assigned to line/yard. Possibly the 674 cars listed as spares weren't enough to make the 70(EE), 70(N) and 70(RR) ten car trains plus the (KK) and 70(M) eight car trains plus make up the 70(QB) trains that ran.


A six car (KK), 70(LL) or 70(M) train was only 360 feet long.

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