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Your favorite singers/performers in music in 2010 right now

Shortline Bus

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Great topic. Collecting music is probably my main hobby and although I'd like to call my tastes "eclectic", I was mainly just raised on a diet of 80/90s rock/punk and hip-hop. I discovered the world of Jazz more recently also, and fell in love.


Some current pop music does kinda annoy me, but it's just pop music and it wasn't any better ten years ago. Now with the internet, literally nobody is relegated to having to listen to the radio and I think that's an amazing thing. A couple years ago I got into collecting vinyl too, which opened up some interesting finds for me.


As for what I think is pretty hot at the moment, I love this:




( http://www.wutang-corp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=85030 )


Otherwise I haven't really been listening to anything too recent, but a good deal of older punk like Black Flag and the Descendents, and some old dub like Scientist. Also Black Sabbath, who I never get tired of. haha.

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