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More aid for transit in Bush budget; less for health, heat


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More aid for transit in Bush budget; less for health, heat



Tuesday, February 5th 2008



President Bush holds up a computer that contains the entire fiscal year 2009

budget, as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice looks on.


WASHINGTON - President Bush rolled out a $3.1 trillion budget Monday that will help connect the LIRR to Grand Central Terminal and build the Second Ave. subway, but slashes city health care, education and home heating programs, lawmakers said.


"This budget is one that keeps spending under control. ... It eliminates 151 wasteful or bloated programs, saving the taxpayers $18 billion. It also takes a hard look at entitlement growth over the next five years," Bush insisted.


The biggest boost to the city is $211 million for the long-awaited Long Island Rail Road East Side Access Project that would connect the railroad to Grand Central Terminal, said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), chairman of the Joint Economic Committee.


Plans call for the Main and Port Washington lines to run from Queens to a new LIRR terminal beneath Grand Central.


There is also $277 million for the Second Ave. subway line that, once completed, would take pressure off the crowded Lexington Ave. line, said Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan), vice chairwoman of the Joint Economic Committee.


"In an otherwise bleak budget, there's some good news for New York straphangers," Maloney said.


The budget renews $2 billion in tax credits for New York Liberty Zone construction or transportation projects aimed at rebuilding lower Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11.


There is also a slight increase in funding for cities like New York at greater risk of terrorist attacks. But there are $310 million in cuts nationwide to the state Homeland Security Grant Program, which New York depends on to finance anti-terror efforts.


The budget includes $70 billion for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but Democrats charge Bush will ask for more later this year because it will likely cost double to fund both fronts.


Deficit hawks also slammed Bush's final budget for adding to a mountain of debt and wiping out a surplus left by President Bill Clinton. The Bush budget projects a deficit of $410 billion this year and $407 billion in 2009. He nonetheless promised a balanced budget by 2012, three years after leaving office.


Bush slashes billions from health care programs and assistance to the elderly and poor, but Democrats vowed to restore some of the cuts as the budget moves through Congress.


"This budget would pull the rug out from under millions of New Yorkers who depend on the vital programs this administration wants to gut," Schumer said.


Medicare and Medicaid take some of the biggest hits, losing about $200 billion in funding over the next five years.


The LIHEAP heating and energy assistance program for the poor and elderly and Section 202 special needs housing construction for the elderly also suffer big cuts under the Bush budget.


Local lawmakers also complained that the federally mandated No Child Left Behind education initiative and college financial aid also come up short of needed funds.


There is also $145 billion in the budget for the pending bipartisan economic stimulus rebate and tax incentive package under consideration in Congress.



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I agree sebbie .....He's what's happening here. This guy Bush and his buddies makes us plenty enemies and what he does before leaving office ....cut home land security. This is a guy who cares about American's lives .....how are we suppose to protect our a$$e$ against the enemies he's cabinet have created for us. I wouldn't want to be the next president of this country ....there are a lots of mess to clean up it looks like. I guest he's plain is to blame the next president for his dirts. It will take the next president at least 8 years to clean up all that mess.


Presidents are selected not elected .......our minds are made up by the media as to whom we should vote for. The Media is control by corporations and it has always been that way for centuries. To understand that concept, one needs to understand one logic ......and that is without business there is no government. Us the American citizen of this country should understand how government was created. This is one principle that can also helps us understand why certain things are the way there are. Government is there to protect the interest of corporations not the public .....remember that. If Barack Obama became president of America, it's not because the publics wants him there, it's because corporate America wants him in office. We can only hope that he looks out for US the American people. We should be aware that we now live in a world where the market is global .......which mean that our gross domestic products are being challenge by other world corporations. Those same corporations support our presidential candidates.


People can talk bad about former president Clinton all they want but their should remember one thing ....he left office with a surplus. To me that is the most important thing a president can do for his country. Keep the jobs here in America .....some of you know what I'm talking about. When you have a problem with your bank account and you call Citibank or Chase who do you get to help you ....someone from India. Do you know what that means ....it means less jobs for Americans.


Our economy is now so bad that we have to borrow money from India. They are buying our debt ......leaving our treasury bone dry. Our politician and our corporations are selling the country under our feet ...and we just seat there and let it happen. This is why I'm a supporter of Ron Paule. I know most of you don't know who Ron Paule is but it's OK.


Did you know that India has a 30% saving rate ....and China 50% saving. That is people who can afford to save money in their bank account ....so what would you think the saving for the American population is ..40% ....20% ...maybe 10%. Not even close it's -1% my friends. what does that mean ......well it means that we are no longer a strong economy. We are the world strongest super power with a population who can't even same $100.00 a month.


They are making us into consumers .....we consume too much .....we must learn to live below our needs. That mean don't buy the next car if you don't have an absolute need for it. It means invest your money in a mutual fun ....you can get more back in return. It mean buying a hybrid car instead of pure gasoline engine. It mean stop showing off ....live your life to your own expectation not to the expectation of others. Your goal is to spent less so that you can save more. The more American save the better our economy will improve. Invest in foreign companies that invest in our countries .....that's how you keep the jobs here.....talk to your later...

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