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Stay away from the TRACKS!


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This picture is proff. Go to the cops and show the picture you took. You never know this can become a "12-9" as you guys call it. The cops can keep an eye out in the area and maybe prevent something from happening or maybe find the kid that was in this pic.

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Just a few min ago at Ave J on Brighton Beach Line i catch a dude from above grabbing his basketball, cuz his friends and him were playing with it and a friend of him puts the ball under the third rail. They were playing on the rails like 3x...



And people complaint on why the t/a cuts service.... They lose money from law suits.. If he was shocked and dead, the t/a il get in trouble..


I didnt get caught anyways..


The R68 (Q) was very close leaving Ave H on the EXP trk!




Now if he got electrocuted, his family would sue the MTA.

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Seriously people, who cares if he didn't report it. It's not his job. I see shit like this all the time. Sometimes I'm in a rush to get somewhere or I'm tired ass from working all day. You people need to chill the hell out and take this thread for what it is. It's a "look what I saw thread" not a "look what I saw and I didn't report it" thread. He was retrieving a ball not raping or killing someone, not that jumping onto the tracks is right but c'mon.


Having said that this thread is not closed. :mad:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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