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I lost a good buddy of mine...

Brighton Local

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A good friend of mine who was a former New Yorker who moved to Phoenix about 6 Years ago, passed last Sunday while I was in NY.. I found out today from a mutual friend of ours..They found Cancer in the liver, did the surgery, but was taken from us on Sunday 3-14.. RIP Bobby. I miss you alot man....


I brought some subways to run on his layout, and I was going to help me reconstruct his 3 track layout, and add NYC Subways to it...


He was 64..


He let me borrow his MTH Proto 1 LIRR GP-38...




RIP Man.. Miss ya.. :)


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Sorry about your loss. Sadly i know alot of people in my life who have died from cancer myself too many here to list. Such as my grandmom, my former brother in law(my sister's first husband)and a former teacher/nun in Catholic Church coming to mine. And sadly more people as well including cousins.:cry:


Hope you are ok Brighton.

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I just lost my grandfather to cancer 2 months ago so I know how you are feeling. Stay strong and God bless you.



Princelex same to you and my consolandances to your family on the loss of your grandfather as well.

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