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GP40's on the Shore Line East!

Fred G

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For some reason, Shore Line East is running more GP40's on their trains and less P-40's. This is ok with me and I chased a lot on Saturday.


These are coming to NHV and going to OSB



leaving Branford



coming to New Haven, with our newest tall building *cough* luxury condos *cough*



leaving New Haven



Coming back at Staven (East Haven)



leaving Branford again



coming back at Guilford. After this I had other appointments so I didn't catch the last daylight cruises of the GP40's.


bonus Amtrak pics





Yeah I know there's a freakin post there!


your pal,


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Cool pics!


Thanks, GojiMet86!


Congratz! You won the 2010 Ninja Photo Awards :cool:


These are the hottest shots on earth like always :P!


Acela looks well!


Thanks, I'd like to thank my parents, both ninjas, and my brothers Jose and Hose-B :)


Thanks for the compliment :)

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Man,Great Photos,strange not to see even one P40.


Thanks. I should clarify that these shots are from Saturday when the SLE is a shuttle and not the rush hour fleet during the week, so the train's power is what it is.


Slammin pics! Luxury condos are popping up in New Haven too!


Thanks! Yeah, hard to believe, although I think they may just be rentals and not condos. Oh well give it time.

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LOL they are popping up here in Stamford too.Nice work once again Fred.


Thanks bud!


Nice Fred! :tup:


Thanks Dan!


Very nice!


I see you caught Ace here as well!


- A


Thanks (A) I'm not sure but isn't Ace 2038? I dunno, gotta look

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