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03-18-10 P&W at Niantic

Fred G

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Gotta catch these shots on NAN bridge as it's being replaced (no not tomorrow).


Here's NR-2 coming back from New Haven with empty stone hoppers that came up from Queens via train FPCH.








Thanks for viewing!

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Cool pics, Fred!


Thanks GojiMet86!


Excellent sh0ts! Maybe we can have a beach party there and we can go under the sea to a coral reef ;)


Thanks Mark! Haha yeah, fried clams too.


Very nice, Fred. How often does P&W run up there?


Thanks, Joe. One train a day on weekdays, comes by in the morning and returns in the afternoon. The times vary a bit so fanning isn't as simple as a passenger train. I got lucky with this set as I ran into a local fan with a scanner.


Great stuff Fred, makes me remember I gotta get up there before they do replace it!


Thanks! They built a ramp of fill on the northwest end of the bridge. I need to see what the final alinement is.

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