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NY Post: "The Raging Taxi Ride From Hell"

EE Broadway Local

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Apparently this cabbie was driven over the edge by the Van Wyck:


"Raging Taxi Ride From Hell"

By: Philip Messing

Last Updated: 6:23AM March 25,2010

Posted: 3:45AM March 25, 2010


"Everyone knows the Van Wyck Expressway is a horror show--but this one takes the cake.


A road-raging cabbie took a frightened tourist and her son on a 10-minute terror ride on the Queens highway yesterday after picking them up at Kennedy Airport, cops said.


An officer on patrol spotted the hack as he tore through traffic chasing a limousine (on the Van Wyck) while Ms. Dong Ring, 52, of Redwood City, California frantically waved for help, sources said.


The suspect, Mr. Ameen Ahmed, 43, picked up Ms. Ring, who was in town for a visit, and her son, Mr. Tung Bui, 26, of The East Village from the JetBlue Terminal.


After speeding away, Mr. Ahmed got upset with a limo driver and began driving 'in a reckless and unsafe manner' a source said.


Port Authority Police Officer Brant Maynard, who was driving nearby, saw Mr. Ahmed driving erratically.


A police source said when Ms. Ring saw the officer, she began 'waving her hands frantically', hoping he would force him over.


'I'm glad you were behind us, and pulled him over, and locked him up', Mr. Bui told Officer Maynard.


Mr. Ahmed, of Richmond Hill, was charged with reckless endangerment."


Source: New York Post

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That is terrible.

Taxi drivers never care for buses or pedestrian.

Here is another crazy taxi game.


I remember one time when I was crossing 2nd Av at 86th St, and taxi jump red and right in front of elderly man with cane, which he kicked his taxi for inches.


I also seen pedestrian hit by taxi at 57th St/Broadway few years ago, when she was crossing 57th St, and taxi on SB Broadway turning left hit her.

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