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What kind of bus is this?


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Uhoh, the bus is the only vehicle in the picture where you cannot see anybody riding inside.


It's...it's...it's...ANIMATION FAIL!!!:eek:


LOL photoshop

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I think that was supposed to represent an RTS. However, it seems that they simply took the simplified RTS featured on one of the depot logos and tried to animate it. What came out, however, bears only a passing resemblance to any bus on the planet and is piss-poor in quality.

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You way off.



They did not even attempt to copy a NYC bus. They just make something crappy basic square angle bus.


The front of the bus protrudes outward in front like an RTS, maybe they can't draw a rounder front for some reason and just left it like a box? It still looks more like an RTS than an O5 to me.


Exactly.They are smart enough no to get sued.


Why would anyone sue? There are other bus agencies that runs the same or similar types of buses.

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