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Thank you, Operators/Conductors/Engineers


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I would like to send my best wishes and a big thank you to the bus operators, subway train operators/conductors, and railroad engineers/conductors and other transit personnel for keeping New Yorkers moving. I have to say that you are amongst the strongest, most dependable, and amongst the most patient human beings in the City. Day in and day out, you continue to move New Yorkers from Point A to Point B with courtesy and professionalism. Thanks for being patient during the toughest of times and helping us with fares, services etc.


In my honest opinion, you transit personnel, do not receive enough credit or paid enough to do your jobs that you do. I do hope that you'll get the respect that you deserve someday. I find it unfair that passengers would take their frustrations at you when you are clearly not at fault. I hope that it doesn't bother you too much.


Keep up the excellent work in the transit system. I am glad to call MTA New York the best Transportation agency in the World.

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Yep I agree, thanks for moving us around in the system! And making it fun sometimes :P!


A example a nice run dow 103rd on the IND express bronx bound :P

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