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Interesting (B) (D) And (Q) Maps And Schedules From Spring 2000

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This (B) map and schedule shows the (:) when it was running to 21st Street-Queensbridge evenings and weekends and a late nights Queensbridge Shuttle that ran from Lower East Side-Second Avenue to 21st Street-Queensbridge:


Link: http://web.archive.org/web/20000919160842/www.lirr.org/nyct/service/pdf/tbcur.pdf


For comparison, here is the (D)(Q6) map and schedule also from the Spring of 2000:


Link: http://www.web.archive.org/web/20000919161159/www.lirr.org/nyct/service/pdf/tdcur.pdf

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Awsome all or almost all the PDF works i got a (2) line here:




View em here:




For complete history of the URL here:




If fails you can go here:












is, replace "2" ((2) train) with a number or letter for routes. "d" for (D)(Q6), "m" for (M2), "h" for (S)(H) Rockaway , "5" for (5), "q" for (Q)etc..

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