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new version nyc subway map of june 2010.


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When is the. new version nyc subway map going to come out. Service Cut on subway will began June 2010. I would like to see Orange M which line. will it run and what will the last stop be. That the only thing I like to known.


The (M) will run between Forest Hills-71st Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue it will run during the times (V) operates to Queens and retain its Late Night and Weekend shuttle pattern

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why do all your questions have to do with "when?"


1. if the service cuts take effect in june, then the map will come out in... JUNE.


2. i've noticed a lot of the things you've asked lately either pertain to things that we obviously can't answer unless we're employees, and most of us arent, or it's about things that aren't worth asking about since, face it, they'll happen when they happen.


3. they've already outlined what the new (M) service will look like, so i don't really understand why your asking. if you look around online, and find a description of the line service, you should be able to look at an existing map and picture it in your own head.


i don't know why i'm entertaining this... but here:


go to page 10 (20 on the pdf page reader tab, if you know what that is)


and here (another member's service cut map with the new (M) service, this is probably what the new official map will look like):



so next time before you ask a question, search around a little, and you'd be amazed at what you'd be able to find.

good day to you...

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