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My Pascack Valley Line Journeys

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Ive been using the :pvl: alot lately and have been taking plenty of vids and pictures. I thought i share them with you.


Westwood Station






River Edge






New Bridge Landing




Anderson Street








Videos form the February 21st & 28th Trips


Pascack Valley Line (Essex Street - Anderson Street)




Pascack Valley Line (Hasbrouke Heights - Essex Street)




Pascack Valley Line ( Hoboken Terminal - Secacuse JCT) HD




Pascack Valley Line Northbound (Secacuse JCT - Wood-Ridge)




Pascack Valley Line Northbound (Wood Ridge-Anderson Street)




Pascack Valley Train Northbound ( Seacause JCT to Barry's Marsh)




Pascack Valley Train Northbound( Meadowlands - Wood Ridge)




Pascack Valley Train Northbound (Wood-Ridge to Anderson Street )




Pascack Valley Train Northbound (Anderson Street - Passing)




Pascack Valley Train Northbound (New Bridge Landing to River Edge) HD




Pascack Valley Train Northbound (River Edge to Oradell) HD




Pascack Valley Line Northbound (Emerson-Westwood) HD




Pascack Valley Train Departing Westwood HD




I hope you enjoyed :P



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For a person getting familiar to NJT like myself being a Long Islander, that is damn good with the pics and videos. One day going down there to NJ, I got to explore that PVL. I know things have changed a lot over there ever since the controlled sidings were put in!

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I rode the PVL again yesterday and took some wonderful window vids....all in HD


Pascack Valley Line Hoboken Terminal - - Secacuse JCT




Pascack Valley Line Meadowlands -- Wood Ridge




Pascack Valley Line -- Hasbroke Heights -- Teteboro




Pascack Valley line -- Oradell -- Emerson




Pascack Valley line train departing Westwood



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some more clips



Pascack Valley line : River Edge to New Bridge Landing





Pascack Valley line : Essex Street - Wood Ridge





Pascack Valley Line : Bergen Tunnels to Hoboken Terminal





Pascack Valley line : Hasbroke Heights - Teterboro





Pascack Valley line : Meadowlands to Wood Ridge





Pascack Valley line : Bergen Tunnels to Seacacus JCT





Pascack Valley line : Hoboken Terminal to Bergen Tunnels (south tunnels)




I seem to be catching something new each time i do one of these.:P


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