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MTH Millennium Series 20th Century Limited

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Hey Folks,

I know I haven't been around lately but working as a NYC Yellow Cab driver time is very scarce. However, I just had to post this Train. This here is the MTH Premier Millennium Series 20th Century Limited. A.K.A. the Gold train. This is an all MTH premier train. The cars are all 19 inches long except for the boxcar. The train measures a little over 14 feet. I feel proud to share this train with all of you. Please enjoy and see you on the next train.


















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That Engine looks (H)O(T)!!!

Thank you.



thanks man


ORO Solido ..ORO who ...Solid gold lol

Holy Polar Exp batman this Loco is Gold and (A) First for me WoW (A)(A) how you been ,I hope I didnt cut you off :plol

Great Show dude

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I might have passed you on Madison Ave if you drive on it. I hope you are well. Glad you liked it. Working (6) nights a week 5pm to 5 am but thats how I'm getting out of debt and paying for my trains. I dont spend much time with my stepson and lady but I can only try. Took it back with Oro Solido. Ta Cache! Hasta las 15!


man, that's SWEET!!!:P:cool::eek:

Thank you.

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