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Kosovo becomes independent


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Does anyone have any comments about the world's newest independent nation?


Naturally, I've been following the situation very closely.


This was bound to happen at some point; it was only a matter of when it would take place. I have mixed feelings about it. Most of the Kosovar Albanians are Muslim (not Catholic, like my family, which is from Shkoder). One one hand, I'm glad that the Kosovar finally have their independence, especially considering all that they've gone through in the past decade. While the UN and NATO made a serious effort to diffuse the situation (defending our side, and leveling a charge of war crimes against Milosevic), the strategy employed by the Clinton administration proved a massive failure. Our people are the majority in Kosovo by ethnicity, and that in itself, makes their declaration justified.


On the other hand, I'm worried about the future of the independent state. According to the BBC News, the new Kosovo government has claimed it will support Serbian rights there (which it ought not to, especially after what the Serbians have done there in the past 10 years). All we need is for the Serbians to react by becoming aligned with the European Union, and we'll have another war on our hands. In addition, the current bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church has threatened to enlist the aid of Russia at keeping Kosovo occupied. Of course, the best solution would be for Kosovo and the existing independent Albanian state to unite, but political differences aren't going to allow that to happen - at least not anytime soon.

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