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For my Peeps

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The X28 using a RTS bus!? This brings back memories. Those were the cool days before those MCI D4500s and D4500CLs took over the X28. Thanks for the photos! :cool: Brought to you by the (K)<R> Express to College Point.

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When you and me comes to signs,its amazing! Excellent (K)<R>!

You got A point:tup:

WootWoot . Kr Bringing action lol . Nice pics it looks strange to see a nova luminator sign saying x25 lol . Nice shots . :tup::cool:;)

Thanks Ulmer Park

hmm that scenery looks very familiar lol did u get that bus off the Q59?

Yep that's (M2)y Yard My new Stompin' Ground

Yo that x21 is hot, same with the x18 & x19. Express routes look awesome on an RTS.

Thank you Sir

Nice man! Cant wait for them MCIs :P B)


Does the B/O inside care if u take shots :confused: or if any were in?

O Yeh lol Bus op (K)ool

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