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Private lines, Pre-MTA


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Someone mentioned in another thread that there was a lack of pix of the private bus lines in their pre-MTA days. So here's some that I have taken over a couple of visits to New York in 2003 and 2004.



My favourites, the NYBS Fishbowls. This one's at Madison Square Park in the PM rush.



Another one of the Fishbowls, this is on 72nd Street (I think). I was on my way to Big Nick's when I took a few here so 72nd it is, I assume.



Similarly smart MCI Classic.



Scruffy-looking old Green Bus Lines RTS at the Manhattan end of the Q60.



Triboro RTS on 'training bus' duties in Queens. I have written down that it's at 71st Street and Queens Blvd.



Another Triboro bus at the same location, this time an Orion V.



One more Triboro shot, this time a raggedy-looking RTS at the 74th Street subway station. Evidently cosmetic appearance was not too important to Triboro.



A Queens Surface Orion V in Flushing.



Then a Jamaica Bus Lines RTS near to the LIRR station in Jamaica.



A Liberty Lines MCI Classic. I think this was taken at or near Madison Square Park. When I returned here last October the road layout had altered somewhat...!



The only Command shots I have are scans of prints, so this one of a gas-powered RTS on Fifth Avenue will have to do.



Then after the MTA takeover, a repainted MCI Classic.

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On the topic of CNG RTSes here's another one:



Not a very good shot as it's in the shadow, but better than nothing. I think it's round the corner from Queensboro Plaza station.

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Slammin pic! I remember Triboro 2820 had a mismatched panel in the rear of the bus both on the inside and outside. The location of said bus is on 71 Avenue, not Street.


I miss those CNG RTSs too!

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Thanks fellas. When I went back to New York last year it was a bit 'bland' compared to previously, with everything apart from the tour buses and the coaches to New Jersey all blue and white.


....btw where's my truck pics?

Sh*t, I forgot all about that. This week Dan for sure.

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