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Suggestion for improved NYC bus service

MTR Admiralty

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Now, I am not saying we should try this, but this is a suggestion I'm offering. A few weeks ago, I have been studying Guangzhou's Zhongshan Avenue Trial Bus Rapid Transit System. Unlike other BRT systems, the Zhongshan Avenue Trial BRT system (aka GZBRT) involves a series of bus lines running through this dedicated corridor with bus stations. Two of these lines run from end to end of the line. A dozen others have a portion of their routing through the line, very similar to the Seattle Bus Tunnel or the City Subway of Newark, if you know what I mean.


This is very idealist, but it would cut down on travel times if this system is used here (to a certain extent). There are certain lines where they are grouped together, sharing the routing, for part of the route. And this route is often the most choked part.


The footbridges and the median running is definitely not feasible. But an adaptation with adjustments can be doable (with money) here in New York that can benefit riders.


Perhaps this should be tried on the Madison/5th Lines (there is actually a project that will enhance bus service along this corridor) and the 6th/7th Avenue lines. Not the entire line though, just maybe 4 or 5 stations per corridor.

Photos, diagrams and maps of the line

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