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Why did the (B) and (D) switch?


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Yes. It was a full service 24/7 west end line where I grew up around. The permanent switch happened sometime after the reopening of the Stillwell Avenue station.


I liked the (B) being the west end line and the (D) being the brighton line.

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Didn't the D switch to the circle Q and we had 2 Q's for a year or so and then the B switched with the diamond Q.


Something like that. But there was a general switch between the (B) west end line and the (D) brighton line that has no explanation what so ever. Im thinking it has something to do with how they end up in manhattan.

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Before the north side closed:


The B was 24/7 when it was a West End line, but it ended at 36 Street at nights so a transfer to the N (or the R) was necessary.


When the north side of the bridge was closed:

The W replaced the B


The circle Q replaced the D


The diamond Q replaced the orange Q


The D was 24/7 and ran from the Bronx to 34 Street only


The B ran only weekdays and ran from 145/ BPB to 34 Street only



After 2/22/04:

The B replaced the Q diamond since the B was PT in Manhattan and it made sense to combine the 2 services


The circle Q stayed the same


The D replaced the W


The W became a Broadway "supplement" to the R.



Hope this helps

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yes Zach always come thru with this Question. A Question, i dont really like to much, but hey, u get used to new routes after a while.


Like R32 B train stated, thats wat happened between Juky 22, 2001, and Feb 22, 2004.

The wholel (B)/(D)/(Q)/(W) swap..



I petitioned to keep the (B)/(D) on their historic routes in June 2003, right after I attended the Reopening of the Manhattan Bridge Hearing in LIU On Dekalb Av.


I typed up a 4 page letter to the Former TA Pres Larry Reuter. The Vice Pres of TA wrote me back in a 2 page letter stating :


'Market research has undertaken that Brighton Line riders prefer the (Q) to Broadway Service 24/7 as opposed to the Brighton -6th Av connection'.


I was never asked or interviewed by ANY TA personel as reguards to this matter.


Then , he stated that the 'lack of ridership on weekends on CPW Lcl stops, and necessary work, that the (B) would keep its Part time route'


In conclusion, since , all of sudden the CPW Lcl is a 'part time route', and the Brighton exp has been a part time route, as long as im around, they figured they combine the 2, and let it be the (B). The (B) has always been the 2nd behind the (D).


The (D) has always been a full time route, so they figured , a 24/7 West End to 6th av, ( which he also stated in the letter, would help the Chinese communities (between, Grand St, and Sunset Park), and this takes away the Night shuttle from coney to 36th st ( which i happen to agree with)


In the end, the (Q) remaining as the Full time Brighton Local , and Broadway Express, turned out to be one of the best routes in the system. As much as i miss the (D) over here on Brighton, I cnat complain about the current (Q) train. The (B) is doing its part too as the Express. But believe me, I emphasized to the TA, that after 34 long years of the (B) via west end , and the (D) via brighton, they would go and swap it out, and confuse the hell out of all those riders, that it wouldnt make any sense; it kinda does...


thats ur answer my friends lol..


the poll stated that Broadway over 6th Av on the brighton.


I do think the (Q)'s headways beat the Old (D)'S headways tho. The (Q) is extremely frequent.


***Plus it takes me to my club ; 14th St-Union Square -( Webster hall!!!) dance there all night on saturdays with some of NY'S hottest girls =)***


direct trip back to Brighton, via Braodway Lol



Any other questions bout my brighton line


i m me via aim at




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***Plus it takes me to my club ; 14th St-Union Square -( Webster hall!!!) dance there all night on saturdays with some of NY'S hottest girls =)***


Ah Webster Hall. A lot of hot chicks. The dance rooms can become sweat boxes sometimes. But I don't mind sweating it out with a hot chick.

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