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Kudos To B/O Mr. Andrew Camputaro For Bravery!

EE Broadway Local

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B/O Mr. Andrew Camputaro was driving on the S53 route yesterday when the incident happened and the New York Post recognizes him as both a hero and a cool-headed wheelman. :tup:


Bus Driver Saves SI Man From Burning Car

By Tom Namako, Transit Reporter

Last Updated: 12:42 PM April 15,2010

Posted: 12:05 PM April 15,2010


That's one unexpected pickup!


A heroic MTA bus driver rescued a man from a flaming car yesterday on Staten Island.


Mr. Andrew Camputaro, cool-headed wheelman, saw the fire-ridden car near Broadway and Glenwood Place around 5:30.


He then stopped the S53 bus, which has 20 startled passengers on board, and ran into the inferno, pulling the man to safety.


The man is currently undergoing treatment at Richmond University Medical Center.

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I agree with Metatops; Mr. Camputaro is a hero and (MTA) should count itself lucky to have men like him in their employ. Also surprised to see this in the Post because the Post tends to be significantly farther to the right than the (somewhat right-leaning) Daily News. I didn't expect them to ever laud a union man no matter the circumstances. For his sake I hope that nothing happens to him over this, but frankly disciplining him for this would be a great way for (MTA) brass to make jackasses out of themselves.

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I'm happy one of our Brothers went above and beyond but it's bittersweet cuz (MTA) will have something else to say .


I hope they won't penalize the bus operator for being a hero, although he did leave his bus en route to save the man from the burning car. Let's find out.

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Mr. Tom Pendergast, Translink President, says they're proud to have an employee like Mr. Camputaro.


NY Post Video and update on Devon Graham of Brooklyn: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/staten_island/bus_driver_fiery_rescue_kFYpliqQW6c0fdedbeGkCI


The Daily News is also calling him heroic and Shop Steward Mr. Chris Waymer also praised him:



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Just out of curiosity, myself being a new B/O and never in a situation like that, why would he remove his passengers off the bus??? As per the article...


It looks like he was planning to wait by the burning car until police and fire showed up, and in order to keep the passangers safe from any flying devris or explosions, he placed the entire bus between them and the car as a shield.


If they were sitting in the bus pressed up to the windows to watch, the debris would only have to penetrate the window to cause serious harm to them.


He is so lucky the (MTA) decided to see him as a hero and (apparently) not punish him for this, but he really does deserve the praise.

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Also, it would be safer to stop the bus before the car, since the passengers could be seriously injured if the car exploded as he drove past it.

Fortunately, I changed my plan to go to the YMCA that is near where the accident took place and didn't have to witness the scene. I hope the people involved are alright. God bless the driver for helping the injured person.

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