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Another Outing With KR & More...

Cait Sith

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KR need his own show on TV.


(T)hank you (T)hank you ,I could bring in the Ratings lol

I've gotta say that these (V)idz that (C)(S) shoots will be seen

and liked by many and gotta thank him and all of you guys here NYCTF

for showin' love now don't get me wrong I damn well know there's haters so all I try to do is (K)eep it (M2)oving and never look back cuz That's how I do and I will be <R>emembered for years to come and you could take that to the (B)ank.:tup:


(S)lammin' show (S)hane keep em coming:tup:

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Wow you two, you guys had me ROTFLMFAOing...you guys made my day. :tup:


And KR, remember...Slants>EVERY SUBWAY CAR IN THE NYC, ya herd???


And thanks to Shane for the wonderful photos and videos. Keep up the good work man!!!

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If you get your hands on an NYCT bus, try 5464. That's the Quadrangle one you were talking about.


But I'm getting this from the 2006 list so it may have been removed since...

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