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I Caught It, Now I Could Care Less...

Fresh Pond

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As the name suggests, I finally caught the ®160 on monday (I forgot to post it then lol). I didn't even know that it was the newest consist out (9913-9917, 9918-9922) until now. Now that I seen it in been on it, its just like every other line that has the R160...drab and boring lol, enjoy...













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lol nice! i was hoping to catch it first since it was my home line (unfortauntely i couldn't i ended up catching it a week later just like the first 160 E lol) but yea not really a good thing 160s on the R lol

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Thanks to all

Its like Christmas. You get that thing you always wanted then like a day later you get bored of it lol. Well the ®160 is that thing I'm bored of...just cross it off the list of what I've seen the 160's on. All that leaves for me is the (:)(C)(D)(G)(H) & (S)

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Nice pics! I must be the only person who hasn't been on an R160 (R) yet and I ride the (R) 5 times a week...


Thanks. I ride the (R) like once every few days but only for railfan purposes. I have no use for it, along with the (:)(C)(D)(G)(N)(Q) & (W)

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