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Senators Now Care About Their Weight

NX Express

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ALBANY — Assemblyman Joseph S. Saladino is off the manicotti. His colleague Michelle Schimel has a new rule: “No white food” like rice or white bread. State Senator Craig M. Johnson has turned to Weight Watchers.


Voter anger and political upheaval are making this an unusually competitive election year in New York. The unease has politicians closely watching the polls — and the scales.


“Some people have criticized me for delivering too much pork to my district,” said Mr. Johnson, a Nassau County Democrat who is a top target of Senate Republicans this fall. “I don’t want to be criticized for looking piggy, too.”


Politics has never been the ideal lifestyle for staying trim, with long days of travel, late meetings, little time for exercise and omnipresent fatty foods, whether cocktail weenies at fund-raisers or corn dogs at the state fair.


But this year in Albany, politicians seem especially worried about their image, with the budget weeks overdue, the state piling up historic deficits and polls showing an overwhelming majority of voters ready to oust incumbents.



(NX)'s reaction: First they should care about actually doing something in Albany. :tdown::mad:

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It just seems like a distraction, to pull attention away from the real problems.


No it is part of the problem. The fat in their eyes, is blocking their view of what's going on in this state, lol..........


Here.....piggy, piggy, piggy. Cooomme get your kickback, piggy, piggy, piggy. Oh, whose the widdle pig, representing my district........

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