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Question About 34th Street And 6th Avenue


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Is 34th Street and 6th Avenue the terminal of many express buses from Queens?

I'm around that area quite often.. here's how things are laid out:


- Qm1/a stop(s) are b/w 36th & 37th (from mid-block, to the SE corner of 37th)...

- Qm2/a stop(s) are b/w 35th & 36th (from the NE corner of 35th, to about mid-block)...

- Qm3 stop is on 35th st, right around the corner from the QM2/a stop(s)...

(this is also a layover area, as the QM3 only has like 2 or 3 runs in each direction)

- Qm4 stop is on the NE corner of 36th/6th...


that's as far as terminals go....



other queens expresses that stop in the vicinity....

- x51 stops across the street from the QM2/a (actual x51 stop is on the SE corner of 35th)

- Qm10/12/22 stop is b/w 37th & 38th; mid block

- Qm18/15/17/16 stop is on the SE corner of 38th... this is where I catch the qm16 [often w/ pizza or mcdonalds in hand... lol]

(btw, that's the order they ofter come to arrive @ that stop at; about 5-10 mins apart... like 70% of the ppl. that wait there are waiting for the 15)



hope this helps....

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