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Idea for a summer combo bus/subway/MNRR fan trip

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As of yet the date is not final; if possible I would like to do this on one of the Saturdays during or after Regents week. The total transportation cost here is $13.50 ($6.50 for one-way MNRR fare and $7 for the one-day Fun Pass, which I believe Bee-Line takes), so if you want lunch I suggest bringing a $20 bill with you. Also, if you have cameras, you should bring them because there will be some pretty good photo ops. Comments are welcome! Here is the proposed itinerary:


Meet at Grand Central Terminal between 8:45 and 9:15. Board the 9:20 Hudson Line train and ride up to Yonkers Railroad Station. Board a 238 St-bound W25 at around 10:00 and ride it end-to-end to 238 St to change for a Brooklyn-bound (2) train at 10:40-10:45 AM. Take the train to Pelham Parkway, most likely arriving at around 11:00 AM.

At White Plains Rd, we would catch an eastbound SBS at around 11:05-11:10 and take it to Pelham Bay Park, probably arriving at about 11:20 AM. I figure this would be a good time to take about an hour to grab some lunch and take a few pics of the area. About 12:15-12:20 we would head over to the QBx1 stop and take the trip to Main St/Flushing, arriving there at around 1:20 PM. From there we make a quick run to the southbound Q44 and take it to Jamaica/Archer Av. If you are interested in getting some Pelham Line pics, we would get on a southbound (6), take it to Parkchester, and get the same Q44 run there at about 12:50 PM. Either way, we would get to Jamaica at around 2 PM.

We could take time to get shots of the LIRR station there, and get a (J) train headed toward Manhattan at around 2:30 PM, then get off at around 3:00 for some shots at Broadway Junction and a change to the (L) headed toward Canarsie. If we take 20-25 minutes for pics at Broadway Junction we could get a B6 Limited at Canarsie-Rockaway Pkwy at around 3:40 and get to Flatbush Av at 4:05 PM. From there we can just take the (2) train at around 4:15 to Times Sq and break up there at around 5:00 PM.

People who want to join us partway through could show up by 9:50 at Yonkers Railway Station, by 10:50 at Pelham Pkwy at the White Plains Rd eastbound SBS stop, by 12:15 at either the first car (facing out of the station) of the train leaving Pelham Bay Park or at the QBx1 stop, depending how things go, and at Jamaica/Parsons-Archer (J)/(Z) station at the first car (facing out of the station toward Manhattan) by 2:25.

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Thanks for the info on the Fun Pass; I forgot about the fare hike. That said, you could still do this trip on a $20 if you don't mind spending only about $5 or so on food or souvenirs. I haven't set a date yet because things are a bit up in the air but assuming everything goes well I was planning on doing this in early to mid-July on a Saturday morning. I know that it might be a pain for everyone to get up and make it to GCT by 9 AM, but (A) I planned the whole

thing assuming Saturday schedules and (:) if I do this on a Saturday then the adults (18+) as well as those with summer jobs can come. Frankly, my research project will take up 6-8 hours a day on the weekdays so I am only free then anyway.

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Saturday June 26, there will be a GO with shuttle buses replacing (E) trains Union Tpk-Jamaica Center. Another thing you could fan.


Also, the massive sign change will be going on at that time, you could get pics of that!


New MNR schedules take effect 6/21.

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