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Car Assignments

Robert Bosco

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Is there a paticular reason why paticular cars run on certain lines? I would love to see a change, like R42's on the (F) or R68's on the (E). Is there anythig preventing these changes from happening, or simply "it is what it is." I know that BMT/IRT can't mix. (Qx)

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Different cars are assigned to different yards, which is the reason why. This is a list of what I think each car runs out of.


R32 - Pitkin/207 St Yard (A)(C), Jamaica Yard (E)(F)(G)(R)(V)

R38 - Pitkin/207 St Yard (A)(C)

R40 - Coney Island Yard (B)(D)(N)(Q)(W)

R42 - East New York Yard (J)(L)(M)(Z)

R44 - Pitkin/207 St Yard (A)(C)

R46 - Jamaica Yard (E)(F)(G)(R)(V)

R68/A - Concourse Yard (2500 to 2706 or something) (:D(D) / Coney Island Yard (R68 2706 to 2924 and all R68A) (B)(D)(N)(Q)(W)

R143 - ENY Yard (J)(L)(M)(Z)

R160 - cars 8313 to 8652 belong to ENY Yard (J)(L)(M)(Z), while the rest and all R160B belong to Coney Island Yard (B)(D)(N)(Q)(W)

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To trainfan22 - thanks, I don't really know IRT yards except East 180th Street and Corona Yard.


To error - I think FPY is only a storage yard, and they gave up the R143s becasue the M runs R160s for the shuttle now.

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Let me break this down more:

R32- (A) and (C) come from Pitkin and 207 Street. (E), (F) and (R) come from Jamaica Yard. The (F) and (R) rarely use R32s


R38- (A) and (C) from Pitkin and 207 Street. Sometimes you see R32s and R38s mixed.


R40[M]- (;), (W), and rarely the (N). The (D) would use an R40 after a Yankee game or during a G.O. They are stored in Coney Island yard. Some R40s are stored at Concourse Yard for (:P service.


R42- (J), (M), (Z) come from East New York yard


R44- (A) and the Rockaway shuttle from Pitkin and 207


R46- (F), (G), (R), (V) come from Jamaica


R68- lower numbered come from Concourse and run on the (D), higher numbered come from Coney Island and run on the (B), (N), (Q), (W), and (D) during some G.Os


R68A- (B), (N), (Q), (W) and come from CI. Just like the R40s some might be stored at Conc. Yard for (B) service.


R143- only the (L) and come from ENY


R160- I don't know the difference between R160 A and B, but I do know that the 5 car sets run on the (N) and (W) and come from CI, and the 4 car sets run on the (J), (Z), and (L) and come from ENY.


IRT breakdown next post

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R62- (3) stored at Livonia, there are a few on the (4) too that are stored at Mosholu


R62A- (1) stored at 240 Street, (7) stored at Corona, Times Square Shuttle stored at Livonia IIRC. IIRC, there is still a set of R62As still running on the (3) which comes out of Livonia. There also might be a set of R62As on the (4). I'm not sure if its there still.


R142- (2) and (5) stored at either 180 Street or Unionpoint or 239 Street, (4) stored at Mosholu


R142A- (4) stored at Mosholu, (6) stored at Westchester Yard.

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I don't know the difference between R160 A and B


The base order R160A are numbered 8313 to 8652 (4 car sets) and 8653-8712 (5-car sets) for a grand total of 400 cars.

The base order R160B are numbered 8713-8842 (Alstom ONIX AC Propulsion) and 8843-8972 (Siemens AC Propulsion) for a grand total of 260 cars.


The only differences include slight differences in window size, window sill protection (the R160B have a steel covering around the windowsill to prevent vandalism IIRC), propulsion (Siemens R160B) and car manufacturer.

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Yes, there is a money train but its not like the one in the movie.



But this is the real money train. Well used to be before being preserved for the museum recently.



Thanks. I've seen the yellow cars before, but it's been a couple years.

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