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My 2-Day Trip with Q102 and Q6 LTD- April 19th-20th


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April 19th

When I saw (7) arriving Junction Blvd, I was about to climb up stair, but I saw Q72 and so I boarded Q72 #3617 departed Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av @ 11:30, When bus entered LGA, I saw M60.

Arrived LGA Central Terminal @ 11:53.

Total time: 23 minutes.


Next, I got on M60 #3863 departed 11:56, arrived 106th St/Broadway @ 12:47.

Total time: 51 minutes.


Next, I got on M5 LTD #6772 (B/O Friend) departed Riverside Dr/97th St @ 13:02.

When bus arrived at Houston St, B/O thought there was no space at LGA Place, but there were space, so he moved his bus from Greene St to LGA Place, which made lady happy. Arrive Houston St/LaGuardia Place @ 13:47.

Total time: 45 minutes.


Next, I got on his bus M5 LTD #6772 departed 14:07, arrived Riverside Drive/97th St @ 15:11. My friend gave me transfer, so I could get on M57 at 72nd St.

Total time: 64 minutes.


Next, I walk to 96th St Subway Station and it was beautiful entrance.


I got on front car of South Ferry-bound (1) #2451 departed 15:15, arrive 72nd St @ 15:19.

Total time: 4 minutes.


Next, I got on M57 #3922 w/ bus transfer given by friend and it departed 72nd St/Broadway @ 15:26, arrive 57th St/10th Av @ 15:36.

Total time: 10 minutes.


When I went to my alter master HSES, Recycling Club was cancelled because of PD Meeting.

I went back to main 2nd Floor where I saw my former teachers/paraprofessionals there.


Around 16:15, I left my old school and went to check if taxi group stand at 8th Av/56th St were working, but afraid not. No one because of truck blocking the sign.

Plus NYCT&L did not make sign big.


At 57th St/8th Av, I boarded M57 #5208 departed 16:24, arrive 57th St/6th Av @ 16:27.

Total time: 3 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of Jamaica-bound (F) #9182 departed 57th St @ 16:31, arrived 21st St-Queensbridge @ 16:37.

Total time: 6 minutes.


At 41st Av/21st St, I was deciding which bus I should do because I wanted to try Q102 from 1st stop. Good thing Q103 #3646 came first and departed 16:43. This B/O was way comedian like Ralph Kradmen. Arrive 27th Av/2nd St @ 16:56.

Total time: 13 minutes.


At same stop Q102 came to it's first stop which was coming S on 2nd St. Now I know how Q18/Q102/Q103 turns around via 1st St, 26th Av, 2nd St.

Q102 #3602 departed 16:58.

When bus got near Queens Blvd, it got stuck in huge traffic, but very bad like Lincoln Tunnel.

Even thought it was small Roosevelt Island loop, Coler Campus first and Goldwater campus last. It was so crazy.

After Q102 depart Colder Campus, there was Q102 rider at old bus stop. I tried to tell her bus stop is at hospital.

After Q102 departed 10 Main St, regular Q102 riders told him.

Passenger: You're suppose to STOP.

LGA B/O: I don't stop here. Next stop is by the church. They change Sunday.

At by bridge, other Q102 lady loves the new pattern and frequent. I feel same way because when Q102 was seperate directions on each trip, I was checking both way at subway station, which way bus was coming.

When bus was going back to 31st St, there was disabled bus.

Arrive 31st St/30th Dr @ 18:46.

Total time via Roosevelt Island Loop: 108 minutes.


I was planning to get off at 30th Av/31st St, but I got off too early.

I had bought Strawberry Milkshake at 30th Av and walk up to catch M60 on beautiful day.


At Hoyt Av/31st St, I saw M60, so looking at Astoria Blvd traffic carefully, I cross street quickly and made to M60 #3959 departed Hoyt Av/31st St @ 19:03, arrive LGA/Central Terminal B @ 19:27.

Total time: 24 minutes.


Next, I was waiting for Q72, it was #122 with another B/O Friend who gave me free ride and departed 19:32, arrive Junction Blvd/37th Av @ 19:47.

Total time: 15 minutes.


Tuesday, April 20th.

I got on fifth car of Times Sq-bound (7) #1750 departed Junction Blvd @ 7:13, arrive 74th St-Broadway @ 7:17.

Total time: 4 minutes.


Next, I got on front of Jamaica-bound (F) #9327 departed Jackson Heights-Roosevelt @ 7:24, arrive Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike @ 7:33.

Total time: 9 minutes.


Next, I got on Jamaica Center-bound (E) #9562 departed 7:41, arrive Sutphin Blvd-Archer Av/JFK @ 7:47.

Total time: 6 minutes.


Next I got on Q6 #3667 departed Sutphin Blvd/91st Av @ 7:50, got off at Building #250 @ 8:25.

Total time: 35 minutes.


Next, I got on Q6 LTD #3570 departed 8:31.

It was crazy just like when Q10/Q25/Q36/B38/Bx36 introduce LTD stops. Riders at Q6 Local stops are giving confuse look, even when Q6 LTD was stop at red light where Q6 Local stop. Arrive 165 Bus Terminal @ 9:10.

Total time: 39 minutes.


Next, I got on Q36 #9350 departed 9:15, arrive Hillside Av/169th St @ 9:18.

Total time: 3 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of Coney Island-bound (F) #9858 departed 169th St @ 9:24, arrive Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike @ 9:30.

Total time: 6 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of World Trade Center-bound (E) #9192 departed 9:31, arrive Lexington Av-53rd St @ 9:49.

Total time: 18 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of Pelham Bay Park-bound (6) departed 51st St @ 9:57, arrive 59th St @ 9:58.

Total time: 1 minute.


Next, I got on St. Lawrence Av-bound (6) #7580 departed 10:01, arrive 77th St @ 10:04.

Total time: 3 minutes.


Next, I got on M79 #5602 departed 79th St/Lexington Av @ 10:10, arrive 79th St/5th Av @ 10:14.

Total time: 4 minutes.


After lunch at MET Museum, I head out to bus stop.

Next, I got on M3 #6675 departed 5th Av/80th St @ 13:46, arrive 5th Av/60th St @ 14:02.

Total time: 16 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of Forest Hills-bound (R) #5784 departed 5th Av/59th St @ 14:14, arrive Queens Plaza @ 14:21.

Total time: 7 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of Jamaica Center-bound (E) #9333 departed 14:26, arrive Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike @ 14:39.

Total time: 13 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of Jamaica-bound (F) #9362 departed 14:44, arrive 169th St @ 14:51.

Total time: 9 minutes.


Next, I got on Q43 #9603 departed Hillside Av/169th St @ 14:57, arrive Hillside Av/Merrick Blvd @ 14:58.

Total time: 1 minute.


While I wait for first Q6 LTD at 15:20 at Jamaica Bus Terminal, I quickly went to you-know-what at Central Library.


Next, I got on Q6 LTD #4636 departed 15:20. Again lots of Q6 Local riders gave confuse look. Arrive JFK Airport Postal Facility @ 15:56.

Total time: 36 minutes.


Since I wanted to catch Q3 or Q10, at moment Q6 boarded up, I saw NG on Airport (S), so I took Federal Circle-bound (S) #751 departed 16:02, arrive Federal Circle @ 16:12.

Total time: 10 minutes.


Next, I went upstairs and got on front car of Jamaica-bound Airtrain(JFK) #121 departed 16:15, arrive Terminal 4 @ 16:23.

Total time: 8 minutes.



Next, I got on Q3 #4907 departed 16:27. After my exhauting ride on Q6 LTD, I fell asleep on Q3 as bus was rushing up Farmers Blvd. I walk up when bus arrive 165th St Bus Terminal @ 17:22, when B/O called last stop. I got everything and rush to Central Library for internet.

Total time: 55 minutes.


While I was waiting on line for internet, I thought I left my Snapped Ice Tea on Q3 because I fall asleep, but I found it.


After library, I got on Q6 LTD #3670 departed 18:50, arrive Sutphin Blvd-Archer Av/91st Av @ 19:00.

Total time: 10 minutes.


Next, I got on Q60 #3700 departed 19:11, arrive Queens Blvd/62nd Rd @ 19:48.

Total time: 37 minutes.


I went to help at Jamaica-bound Q60 stop, but at moment Q72 was approaching it's first stop, so looking carefully on six lane traffic, I cross street carefully and made to Q72 #3634 departed Juncion/Queens Blvds @ 19:57, arrive Junction Blvd/37th Av @ 20:07.

Total time: 10 minutes.


Enjoy it!!

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