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ATS in OpenBVE

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ATS - Automatic Train Supervision (I don't see a difference with it on or off) is toggled by SHIFT S or CTRL S (forgot which one).


ATO - Automatic Train Operation (train drives itself, all you do is sit there) is toggled by SHIFT S or CTRL A (forgot aggain lol).

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In openBVE, ATO is called ATC, and your route must be configured for it to work. But, if you press CTRL A, the train drives itself and you could sit in the exterior

that is correct control + A means the train drives itself while ATS is the safety system (Automaic Train Stop). It doesnt really do much since we have not programmed the routes to work with it although for some reason it is still required.


What you can do to ensure everything is activated,if you dont know what your doing right after you load the route press Control + A, wait for about 10 seconds or so while the autopilot sets up the train, and then press Control + A again to deactivate the auto pilot and take over the train.

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