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Woman bites man after being called fat


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She was probably hungry.

just what I came in this thread to say...


"guess she was hungry"



In retrospect she could have bitten off a chunk of a different body part......:eek:


....and give lorena bobbitt a run for her money !



Depends on how fat she was. Some guys will call any girl fat if she's above 120 pounds. True story.

you aint lyin with that...


why do you think the media sets the standard on how anorexic.. I meant "slim", models are supposed to be....



On the other side of the coin though, I'll say this.... you won't catch ya average african american dude sayin that, I tell you that much... it's a shame, really...


eh, I don't have respect for chubby chasers...


slang translation: (guys that play off a fat woman's insecurities for: a] her wallet, and, well.... b] easy p****)

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And she is so hungry that she thinks she bit off the tail, while it is really a leg...


She wanted some play... so she tried to do something but ended up biting it instead :mad: this is why you eat before intercourse people :P

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Ok, I think this thread has gone far enough...

get the locks.


a lock need to be put over that fat b****'s mouth...

muzzle sold separately.



seriously though, yeah, this thread can be closed.....

it's gonna end up being a thread full of jokes.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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