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Abandoned Stations Along a Particular Line.


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I was looking at the NJSEPTA V5. track map (made by Richard E. Green) and noticed that there's a track from the CSX Pavonia Yard (near Patco) that runs down tp Vineland. Here are the stations:

- Gloucester

- South Gloucester

- Brooklawn

- Westville

- South Westville

- North Woodbury

- Woodbury

(Two Branch lines split off from Main Line):

1st Branch:

- Thorofare

- Paulsboro

2nd Branch:

- Parkville

- Mt. Royal

- Clarksboro

- Mickleton

- Wolfert

- Tomlin

- Asbury

Main Line after Woodbury:

- Woodbury Heights

- Wenonah

- Sewell

- Pitman

- Glassboro

- South Glassboro

- Franklinville

- Iona

- Malaga

- Newfield

- North Vineland

- Vineland

- South Vineland


Does anyone know how operated this line, and why the stations were abandoned?

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These were all West Jersey and Seashore Railroad (WJ&S) lines, operated as a subsidiary of PRR. In 1933, it was incorporated into the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines after PRR split its operations with the Reading Company. The mainline from Woodbury actually ran to Atlantic City (now part of NJT Atlantic City Line) from a terminal in Camden and was electrified both third rail and catenary at 650V DC. The other lines on the other hand went as far down as Cape May and South West NJ until 1976, when Conrail abandoned everything as Penn Central baukrupted with other major Railway Companies.

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Any chance of bringing the lines back to passenger service?


For the past decades, NJT never proposed anything about expanding service there so I'm guessing not. As far as NJT going about proposing anything, it must've been supported by the majority of the county or township since their taxes go towards it. Since none is the case, I would assume that enough people are interested in reactivating the lines. Remember, the line was abandoned by Conrail in 1976 for passenger service just like many other lines (including Lackawanna Cutoff) for low ridership.

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