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My Schedule Downloader


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For railfans and busfans alike, I have created an application to mass download and update schedules from the MTA site. It can backup the out-of-date schedules so that someday, we can all have something to look back to.


Download here

Requires .NET Framework 3.


PROGRAM WILL AUTOMATICALLY DISABLE ON JUNE 28, 2010. Updated version to reflect service cuts will be released within 2 weeks.




A) Fresh start (downloading for the first time):


Run the program, click "Save To...", and select a directory. Then click on Select Files, choose the schedules to download. Every MTA Bus or NYCT operated bus and subway route is included in this program, with the exception of the x80 and x81 being part-time routes. For subway schedules, select the folder to which to save them. This can be the same folder as the bus schedules, but I do not recommend it because of clutter in Windows Explorer.


Make sure to select the Download option, then click Download!


The text box shows each file and whether or not it downloaded successfully.


:P Updating existing schedule files:


Click "Save To..." and select the directory where the files are.


IMPORTANT: The program searches for the files and checks the appropriate boxes. Because the search is based on filename and not contents, it is possible to have false positives. Therefore, it is designed such that every page of borough schedules must be opened, read, and OK clicked for the schedules to be included in the list to download. Don't just select directory and then click Download, as that will do nothing!


Make sure to select the Update option before clicking Download.


When 2 files are different, the old is backed up to a folder named as follows:




Example: Old_20100203 would be Feb 3, 2010.


The updated schedule replaces the existing file. Be aware that the MTA sometimes changes the files without actually changing schedules. Therefore, it is recommended that you go through the PDF's in the backup folder and make sure they have older effective dates on the PDF than the ones in the actual download folder. This can be done with Vista's preview pane or by opening individual files in Acrobat.


DO NOT rename any files! This would render the file untouched, or worse, seen as the wrong route by the program in a future update run.



File names are as follows:


Individual Route: Q65.pdf, BxM7A.pdf, etc.

Combination routes: Q25+Q34.pdf, S40+S90.pdf, x25+x27+x28+x29+x37+x38.pdf, etc.

Service Frequencies: ManhattanBack.pdf, BrooklynBack.pdf, SIBack.pdf, etc.

Maps use borough name


Exceptions: x1-x9.pdf, QM1+A.pdf, BxM4AB.pdf

Also note that the schedule for the Q11 is combined with the Q21, but there is also a separate Q21 schedule.

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