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Brother and Sister

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The (2) and (5).


Baychester Av and 174th Street are the locations here.


Enjoyed my stay at home for the time being. After leaving Baychester Av, I went to 174th St to visit some friends and picked up my little cousin(he likes trains also) and he wanted to see the (N)/(W) so I took him on the Astoria line for a little while. Got pics from there but dont know if I want to post them, since I had pics from there on the 19th.


BTW, auto mode was not used. Manual Mode with a SLR is the best!!


Enjoy People!



R142 (5) Entering Baychester Av



(5) About to leave Baychester Av



R142 (5) just out of Baychester Av



Not in service (5) using the Dyre Express Track



Not in service (5) using the Dyre Express Track



R142 (5) Entering Baychester Av(I almost deleted this pic, I didnt like it at 1st)



(5) Entering Baychester Av



The infamous (I) train entering 174th Street. Its a (2) train.



(2) @ 174th Street



(2) Entering 174th Street



(2) Entering 174th Street



(2) Leaving 174th Street



(2) Leaving 174th Street(This is over exposed, I dont really this pic, but thought I'd post it anyways)



(2) Leaving 174th Street

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Nice pics! Guess that's going to be Steve Jobs's next line of products: the iTrain. :P
itrain.Imagine that.The control console would run on apple OS 5.0.Also equipped with Itunes.:P and Steve Jobs would be the voice behind the automated announcements.
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