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Going Out In Style || Arrival Boards In Service (double thread)

Fresh Pond

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In order to save time and space on the forums, I made a double thread on 2 different things in the system...


Thread 1: Going Out In Style

Ok I was at Roosevelt Av heading home and while heading to the downtown platform, I hear a train come in. Naturally, I ran to the stairs, and I see a R160 pull into the local track. I was gonna let it go cuz I'm tired of seeing the ®160, but the doors opened and it was this instead, enjoy...

(I finally seen it, and now I don't care about it lol :P)










Thread #2: Arrival Boards In Service


There are from Canal St on the (6), enjoy...





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alas the R160 plague has invaded the Death letter.

lets go arival boards to make the IRt look better and bdiv cheap system boards.

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...Did you use that AC outlet at Canal Street? B)


Shhhhhhhh, you're not supposed to tell anybody about that B)


And no I didn't, my phone wasn't dying (for once lol)

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