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Do you smell what the "Rock" is Cooking. . .

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Slammin pics! I wonder why Red and Tan has "41 St Term" as opposed to "New York" or "Port Authority Bus Term".



Me personally, I'd reprogram that sign to read:


47 Express


47 Manhattan

P A Bus Terminal



Because the 47 serves as an express to the 11A Stony Point route as does the 49. The only difference between the two is that the 47 runs express to Hillsdale and joins the 11A there and then the 49 runs express to Nanuet and joins the 11A but only goes as far as New City.

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Very nice stuff, stop invading my Turf II, my residential school is there, ;)!!!


Turf? Please, if you wanna go that route, it was my turf before yours as I drove for Rockland Coach and TOR for 2 years. . . B)

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That is new news, so ah well you invaded your own turf again, but the new busses of the TOR if you drove one of them, are pretty speedy and quiet, meaning the TOR RC 2xx series. Do you happen to know the model and brand of the busses?



Depends on which RC200 Series you are talking about...


The low floors are Gillig Advantage BRT Hybrid Low Floors. The Coaches are MCI D4500CL Commuter Coaches.

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