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from today February 24th 2008


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Nice man. 493 and 497, now in Queens? Boy, That was my old buses back in Staten Island too. They used to be out of Castleton for years.. I remember riding those to high school back in '98 to 2002.

Thanks, Alot of buses from Staten Island got moved to queens and the Bronx over the past few months.


Great shots! The Q44 ones look really good!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the photos.

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Ahh ok. That explains why Im viewing them elswhere:cool:


and vise versa. Lots of changes over the last too months. Many were brought on by Staten Island's maintenance overhaul, the closing of Mother Clara Hale Depot, the opening of Grand Av Depot, and re-opening of Amsterdam Depot. Kingsbridge Depot only has 6 RTS's now down from 63, and they are all '90/'91 series 8XXX's.

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